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GS3 Photography Class


Photography Class





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Master-Mind Classes - Raising the Bar Workshop Series - How to take better pictures and how to capture impactful photographs.

Photo Session: Composition (Each Art Principal)

Photo Session: Style

Photo Session: Technique

Photo Session: Application

Photo Session: Being in the right place at the right time.

Photo Session: What you do with the photographs

Photo Session: Sharing Photography Stories

Photo Session: Sports

Photo Session: Weddings

Photo Session: Commercial

Photo Session: Nature / Still-life


GS3 Photographer



Elevate your iPhone photography going beyond just taking photographs and start creating compelling, serious art with your iPhone.

This class will offer three projects, individual instruction, and group critiques. Supplies needed are iPhone and selected apps provided the first day of class.

Receive individualized constructive feedback and instruction specific to your fine art and career objectives. Learn how to cohesively curate and present a dynamic

body of work. This course is designed to develop each creative beginner or adanced lerner at their own pace.

Advanced SLR Classes

Break away from relying on your camera’s automatic settings and begin to manually control each variable that makes a photograph “work” including the ISO, the shutter speed, and

the aperture. Along with learning how to manually control your camera, you will learn techniques on how to organize and edit your photos with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.






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